eRadio Brooks AB inaugurates its first radial station in Canada

eRadio Brooks AB is inaugurates its first radial station in Canada
eRadio Brooks AB is inaugurates its first radial station in Canada

eRadio Brooks AB inaugurates its first radial station in Canada

At a private event in the city of Brooks, Alberta, on December 5th, 2019 at the Ramada hotel, the launch of the first digital radio station, eRadio press and television was held at the head of its founder Nelson Vahos CEO of the company.

What is  eRadio?

It is a Radial station that emits its signal online. Media of communication private to politics and religion, respectful of all beliefs. With a journalist line founded in the contribution to personal family business growth and the development of a society with the sole mission of thrilling the senses of youth and adults with our musical program journalist content and live programs.

eRadio is the number one internet station in Colombia, and decides to open its second radio station in Canada, in order to carry out the (Beta) TRIANGULATION OF WORLD COMMUNICATIONS project.

In this technological development, the company is committed to segmenting its news, to a specific and more closed niche, creating a much more effective range of action.

What would be the specific segmentation to which eRadio Canada would reach?

While we are clear that having a radio station on the web, allows for all kinds of people to access it, it is noteworthy that in this platform we would only focus on highlighting the news, events, shows, business conferences, commerce, family activities most specifically of the following cities and towns.

Bassano, Duches, Rosemary, Patricia, Tilley, Millicent, Rainier, Scandia, Enchant, Hays, Vauxmall, Rolling Hills.

In this way we would begin our TRIANGULATION OF THE WORL COMMUNICATIONS, we want to generate interaction with the different counties exposed in here and in addition, to helping to boost their trade and economy, and therefore, help strengthen the society in which we live in.

If I live in any of these counties, how would I get the information and where?

It is important to understand that the world moves thanks to smartphones, and that is how we will inform you of everything that happens in your county.

First you must enter our platforms Immediately you will get a notice on the screen asking if you want to receive notifications from our portal in which you must accept, from that moment, you are already in our database and every important information will be informed through a notification to your cellphone where the news will remain until you decide to read it or save it according to your interest.

If there is an event to highlight within the mentioned counties, would eRadio disclose it and where should I contact?

Yes, as long as they are events that contribute to the community and the development of people who also generate solidarity economies. Our email is

What would be eRadio’s musical programming?

The slogan of eRadio is THRILLING YOUR SENSES, and referring to those words our programming is focused for the youth, adults and children. Our programming includes mixed of the music of the 80s with that of today, we will play the most outstanding successes of each country, here a artists’ reference.

This is part of our musical selection, successful of all time, mixed with today’s music.

The expansion program starts at BROOKS AB and aims to expand throughout Canada in a near future.

On December 5th, in addition to starting its activities in Brooks, eRadio turned 8 years old when it was able to reach first place of tuning in Bogota Colombia where part of his logistics operation is located.

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Translation by Valeria Alvarado


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